It’s hiding in your kitchen…

chopped garlic

In An Amazing Study… Spicy Herb Helped Activate Men’s “Erection Chemical”…

IN THIS PRESENTATION: Scientists uncover exactly what you need for a rock-hard erection, even if you’re over 55. Small studies on men revealed how they reported hardness increasing almost 40%, stamina 64%, and sexual satisfaction 163%.

Hi, I’m Elizabeth, and what I’m holding in my hands right now, could make you hard as a rock

…and I’m going to show it to you.

I understand I’m being a little forward right now. It might be embarrassing to have a conversation like this with a younger woman like me.

So, you can hit the “Back” button this instant…

and never discover what I’m holding.

It’s an item that’s probably sitting in your kitchen now. A study showed that, in just 2 hours, it helped release a powerful chemical in participants bodies…

…that helps you to have hard, long-lasting erections.

The kind of erections that women crave

…and that we absolutely need for you to truly satisfy us in the bedroom.

Like I said, this kitchen item is sitting in the palm of my hand right now and I’m going to show you what it is. But that’s not all…

I’m going to show you the secret men used in a small scientific study to help increase their hardness almost 40%...

Stamina 64%...

…and sexual satisfaction 163%.

ALL of these results were reported by men in a real scientific study.

Dr. Alan Inglis

I’m able to share all this with you today, because of a world-renowned medical expert Dr. Alan Inglis, MD.

Dr. Alan Inglis Dr. Alan Inglis

Dr. Inglis is part of an elite group of physicians to achieve certification in both internal and functional medicine.

He’s studied everything from cardiology at the world-famous Mayo Clinic, to alternative, natural health secrets at one of the oldest universities in Europe.

He’s even educated the next generation of doctors as a clinical instructor at the University of Massachusetts.

For two decades, patients from across America have trekked to Dr. Inglis’ renowned clinic in Western Massachusetts to get access to his groundbreaking secrets.

Along the way, Dr. Inglis has developed breakthrough protocols to help seniors live healthier lives. But his most exciting protocol for men, is what you’re about to discover today.

Like how some men increased hardness almost 40%...

Stamina 64%...

Sexual satisfaction 163%...

And even how some men in a small study used a certain solution and reported more comfortable joints…

Improved sleep...

More energy…

A better mood...

… and drove up their libido.

Plus, if you’re interested in burning fat or building up your bicep muscles, additional science shows how this could work for that too…

Now, I want to make one thing very clear

ALL of these results come straight from scientific studies on REAL men.

This isn’t hype, exaggeration, or wishful thinking

These are measured, real results from men just like you.

And it all starts with activating the “erection chemical” in just 2 hours – just like what was shown in the amazing study, where the results came in that short timeframe. Like I said before, the secret is in a food that could be hiding in your kitchen.

So, let’s dive into exactly what this scientific breakthrough is, right now.

Imagine these 2 things for a moment:

You’re naked in bed with your wife. Things have gotten very hot…

…and you can feel that she’s ready for you. But there’s a problem…

You don’t feel as turned on down there as you used to

You feel panic set in.

Should you make an excuse and cut things short?

Maybe try to force yourself into the mood?

Is your wife going to put up with this disappointment?

Okay, enough of that. Let’s consider scenario #2:

Same bed. Same wife. But this time, you’re rearing to go like a teenager who’s been apart from his girlfriend for a month…

…and after a long, long night of pleasure, you both hold each other in your arms, glistening from sweat.

couple's feet on a bed

Now, what makes the difference between these 2 scenarios?

According to scientists at Harvard University, St. James’s University Hospital, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and Johns Hopkins, it all comes down to a certain chemical…

…that plays an important role in a man’s ability to have an iron-hard erection.

It’s like the erection “ON Switch”

When this chemical gets activated…watch out

A full, thick erection is unstoppable.

Remember what it was like when you were 18? This switch flipped ON during the day so much, sometimes you tried to turn it off!

That’s how powerful this chemical is.

Now, this is very important:

According to research investigated by Dr. Inglis, this chemical is NOT in the environment. It’s not in a pill. You can’t buy it for any price and your doctor can’t give it to you.

Instead, this chemical is already waiting inside your body.

That’s right, it’s waiting in your body, ready to make your erection rock-hard at a moment’s notice.

But if that’s true, why aren’t you sporting the same erections as you did as an 18-year-old?

Well, that’s where the science gets very exciting

You see, it’s not your fault. You didn’t do anything wrong and it’s not all “in your head.” Instead, as you get older, your body makes less of this chemical.

Science shows levels of this chemical can plummet 75% from the time you’re a fit, healthy 20-year-old to a 70-to-80-year-old.

Now, the solution is a bit tricky.

The first step is to help re-activate this chemical and make more of it

…and that’s where the food that’s hiding in your kitchen right now, comes in…

It helps activate this powerful chemical…and in a study it was shown to work in just 2 hours.

Just enough time for the study participants to enjoy a romantic movie with their spouse…before sparking some major romance in their bedroom…

Okay, so what is this chemical?

It’s nitric oxide.

Perhaps you’ve heard of nitric oxide before…

…especially how 3 American scientists won the prestigious Nobel Prize for its discovery.

To date, over 156,225 research studies have been performed on nitric oxide.

It works by literally opening up the floodgates for your erection

Nitric oxide gives the “GO!” signal for more blood flow…

…and when your blood flow increases…you can imagine the rest.

However, you must properly boost your nitric oxide. When you do, you can enjoy breathless pleasure…

…but when you don’t properly boost nitric oxide, you could be disappointed.

You might have tried other products that promised to enhance your bedroom performance, and claimed they could raise your nitric oxide.

Here’s the problem…

You need a special key to activate your nitric oxide…

…and it’s not the kind of key you hold in your hands. Instead, your body needs to use a certain enzyme

…and scientists discovered exactly what this certain enzyme is.

They found one that helps activate nitric oxide. This enzyme is called “nitric oxide synthase” or NOS, for short.

Okay, let’s put all this together because you’re about to discover how to enjoy rock-hard erections even if you’re in your Golden Years…and how it starts with eating this certain food.

The key to rock-hard erections is
activating nitric oxide

…and the key to activating nitric oxide is this enzyme called NOS…

and guess what the key is to activating NOS?

It’s eating this certain food, because it contains the NOS-activating nutrient.

That’s right, this food (specifically, the nutrient inside) starts the erection chain reaction.

And once you get this chain reaction going…the ride gets more and more wild.

That’s because animal research from Johns Hopkins showed when nitric oxide gets released…the body gets signaled to release even more nitric oxide…which means more blood flow…

…which could lead to a stronger, long-lasting erection…

…and the answer is hidden in this particular food.

When researchers tested this food on volunteers, their nitric oxide levels increased 224% in just 2 hours. By the way, it worked for BOTH men and women, going from an average of 2.7 to an average of 8.76.

After 4 hours…their nitric oxide levels were a staggering 913% higher, going from 2.7 all the way to 27.37.

This wasn’t temporary, either. As long as they kept getting the nutrient every day, they maintained their potent levels for a whole week, the entire study length.

So, what is the nutrient that helps activate NOS and starts this nitric oxide chain reaction?

Here’s the photo of it again:

pile of minced garlic

It’s garlic…which is rich in a nutrient called allicin.

Now, before you start chopping up entire cloves of garlic and eating them by the spoonful, there are 2 things you need to know:

  1. The research showing garlic, which contains allicin, helped increase the NOS enzyme…used a dose of 2 grams per day.
  1. Animal research showed that cooking garlic, like when you put some into a recipe or on a pizza…destroys its erection-enhancing power.

Now, with these kind of nitric oxide-raising results, I understand perfectly if you’re still willing to chew on 2 grams of raw garlic per day, and praying your spouse doesn’t mind how you smell…

…but the great news is, you don’t need to do this.

You see, Dr. Inglis has come up with a genius way to get the sex-enhancing benefits of garlic, without wolfing down so much your stomach hurts.

It’s now possible to use a special garlic extract, packed to the brim with the active ingredient that, in a study, revved up nitric oxide levels 224% in just 2 hours…

…and Dr. Inglis made this extract the star ingredient in his breakthrough formula Powernox™. It's the best solution I've ever seen for men who want to perform better in the bedroom.

One bottle of Powernox One bottle of Powernox One bottle of Powernox

And it's only available directly through this presentationBeware of imposters selling unauthorized or inferior quality extract.

But there's one more thing. You see…

Powernox is much more than a nitric oxide-booster

You see, from Dr. Inglis’ 20+ year experience helping men, he knows transforming your sex life…is not just a matter of increasing your nitric oxide.

Yes, nitric oxide is fantastic for your erections…

…but if you want to help rev up your sex drive…your sexual stamina…and have a body that could feel fitter and younger…you need something more.

Now, let me tell you a secret about…

Soothing joint pain from overexerted joints…

Improving sleep...

Increasing energy…

Improving mood...

Enlarging bicep muscles…

…and driving up libido…

If you’re interested in any of that, another ingredient is needed. The exciting news is, every result you just heard…

…were results reported by REAL men in scientific studies

They’re studies on a different ingredient…

…and it’s another major factor you need for a powerful erection and an absolutely wild sex life and satisfied partner…and a fitter, healthier body.

Let me explain.

It’s a certain herb found deep in the forests of Malaysia.

The locals have held this herb as their closely guarded sexual secret…and modern science is showing this herb is the real deal.

In a clinical study on 30 men aged 31-52, they were given this herb for 21 days

…and when they were quizzed, they admitted they were much more satisfied with their sex life.

The men confirmed this compound
improved their libido

Then, scientists conducted a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel group study. They did everything they could to show this compound truly worked for men…

…and they got more than they bargained for.

Yes, the men’s sex drive went up and their erections strengthened. But something else happened to them…

The men who took this compound…and who were overweight…lost more belly fat than those taking the placebo!

In another study, users reported it even increased their energy, helped their joints feel better and improved their sleep.

The reason this herb works so well is because it could help raise your “free” testosterone.

Now, here’s what I mean by this…

You probably already know that your testosterone is the key to you feeling like a young, strong, virile man.

Back when you were younger, you could drink a 6-pack of beer, eat a pizza, make love to your girlfriend in the back seat of your car…

…and still wake up the next morning feeling amazing – feeling alive.

All because of testosterone.

But chances are, you don’t feel like this anymore…

and it’s not your fault.

It’s a biological result of your testosterone levels.

You see…

Science shows testosterone levels fall
about 1% per year

That may not sound like much…but it adds up. Do the math with your age, right now.

Let’s say you’re 70 years old. That means your testosterone could be cut in half from when you enjoyed your sexual peak.

testosterone level chart

It gets worse…

Even if you do have some testosterone, it’s often “bound” by another hormone. Basically, it’s like your remaining testosterone gets handcuffed and locked away.

But that’s where this herb comes in…

It specifically helps boost your levels of FREE testosterone. This means it does more than raise your testosterone levels…

It helps increase the amount of testosterone your body can actually use, so it could build your muscles stronger…ramp up your sex drive…and help you perform in the bedroom!

In fact, this herb is so powerful, in the study I mentioned before, up to 91% of the men who used it, got excellent results.

That’s what the science shows. Ever heard of a male potency solution getting results like that? Remember…Powernox is different

…and we’ve included a FULL DOSE of this herb – which is called Tongkat ali – in our formula.

Actually, we’ve done even better…

You see, scientists also tested combining this potent Tongkat ali with a powerful antioxidant. It’s so powerful, the scientists used in-vitro research to discover its ORAC antioxidant rating is stronger (much stronger!) than even blueberries or cocoa.

See for yourself:


And guess what?

This powerful combination was like sending men’s sexual performance into overdrive

Using a grading scale, the men reported their erections were 39% harder…

…and their bedroom stamina by increased by 64%.

Overall, their sexual satisfaction increased by an amazing 163%.

All I can say is…

Be careful when you use this combination

Because, after careful deliberation, Dr. Inglis decided to include this combination in his Powernox formula.

So, if you think this is too much for you, now is the time to say, “No” to this…

But, if you’re a “Yes!” or even a “Maybe!” you need to know…

Powernox is finally ready.

With Powernox, you could get back your game in the bedroom.

Take a moment and imagine how your wife is going to look at you…and how amazed she’s going to feel…when you surprise her with your newfound hardness and stamina…

…and imagine how much more affectionate your woman is going to be…how much better she’s going to treat you…and how much she’s going to make you feel like a real man again!

And if you’re not married…get ready for your dating life to get way hotter.

Because, let’s face it, beautiful women crave a man old enough to be sophisticated…who’s also virile enough to satisfy her…over and over again

Don’t be surprised if you start getting more dates than you can schedule.

This could be your future, as long as
you have Powernox

Here’s the complete breakdown of this groundbreaking sexual enhancer for men:

You get 2000 mg (yes, a full 2000 mg!) of Garlic A10000 Powder (with 52.8 mg of alliin and 24 mg of allicin) which helped rev up nitric oxide levels in just 2 hours in one study

This formula also includes 200 mg of patented Tongkat ali called LJ100®…

…the testosterone-booster that was shown in a study to help men’s libido increase 91% higher

…and 100mg of Polygonum minus

…which, when combined with Tongkat ali, was shown in a small scientific study to help increase erection hardness 39% and increase bedroom stamina 64%.

Dr. Inglis worked with his team at Best Health Nutritionals to combine this complete formula into a single, convenient tablet.

Now, with Powernox’s unrivaled sexual enhancement formula

Your body will have what it needs to enjoy breathtaking nights of pleasure over and over again

More stamina. More libido. More hardness. And in a study one ingredient started increasing nitric oxide in just 2 hours. When you use this formula, you’d better warn your partner first.

But there is one thing…

The only way to get our exclusive Powernox formula is through BestHealth Nutritionals.

Please understand, this combination of researched sexual enhancers doesn’t exist anywhere else.

Before we created this formula, you could come close to getting it only if you were a patient at Dr. Inglis’ Massachusetts clinic.

Today, however…you can get it delivered straight to your door.

Powernox gives your body exactly what it needs to help increase your nitric oxide…for more powerful erections.

It contains the garlic extract in the right amount…

…to help activate your NOS, which science shows is the real key to increasing nitric oxide for stronger, better erections

We also included the powerful Tongkat ali and its antioxidant enhancer, so you could enjoy a hotter sex drive, more stamina, and more hardness

Your sex life could get hotter and hotter

Get ready for a very happy partner.

You’ll never have to worry that your wife is thinking about someone else

She’ll be thrilled…and wonder how you turned into such a superman.

That’s how Dr. Inglis’ breakthrough formula works.

And it could work for you.

couple in bed

Yes, even if you’ve tried other nitric oxide boosters in the past that failed to make any difference “down there.” Because this one is specifically designed to help activate nitric oxide the right way.

Like all our Best Health Nutritionals formulas, Powernox is created in a certified facility right here in the United States. And it’s also non-GMO.

Powernox is absolutely top-notch, with the perfect levels of ingredients that delivered fast, lasting, BIG results in scientific studies

Taking Powernox couldn’t be easier – just 4 tablets per day.

When you take it, you could be flooding your body with the exact nutrients you need to help increase your nitric oxide…supporting stronger, harder erections. Faster than ever, according to the research. Just as you’ve learned about in this presentation.

Now you can stop dreading and avoiding those romantic nights and get excited about them instead.

Ok, it’s time for you to make a choice...and I hope you make the right one…

I’ve seen these kinds of cases hundreds of times. Sometimes they end in divorce. Or wives seeking satisfaction elsewhere. It’s awful but it is reality.

So, don’t delay – the time to act is NOW.

Make the decision to try out Powernox.

For less than the cost of a cup of coffee per day, this powerful breakthrough gives your body exactly what it needs to help improve your blood flow

…and give you harder erectionsand more stamina.

With Powernox, you won’t need to worry about your performance

You won’t need to give up on an exciting love life…

…and you won’t need to feel old!

Of course, some men who choose to use Powernox, have no issues in the bedroom at all. They just want to make things even better. And that’s fine!

Either way, once you start using the specific nutrients in Powernox, It can help boost your nitric oxide. In one study, it increased in just 2 hours

…priming you for a bedroom performance that will amaze your partner.

And very soon, you’ll get what I like to call the “Powerful Man Moment.”

Every man who uses this formula, could have a different Powerful Man moment.

It could be when you’re in bed with your wife…and you suddenly realize how LONG you’ve lasted…and how you’re still good to go for much longer

…or maybe it will be when your partner flat-out confesses you feel harder than ever…almost unbelievably hard.

…whatever your Powerful Man Moment turns out to be, it’ll be exciting confirmation that…

You are a strong, sexy man again

But you don’t have to take my word for it.

I’m so confident this formula is going help you become a new man, I want you to try Powernox with ZERO risk.

That’s right…you have an unlimited guarantee when you try Powernox today.

satisfaction guaranteed

Here’s how it works…

Reserve your own supply of Powernox today.

Then, when it arrives in a week or so, open it immediately.

Follow the instructions and start taking Powernox daily.

Science showed just one of its ingredients increased nitric oxide in just 2 hours…

…and enjoy how much your libido has exploded…and how your partner loves the difference.

Then, if for any reason, you aren’t 100% satisfied with your new sex life, simply give us a call or send us an email and we’ll give you back every penny, no questions asked.

Let me repeat that…for any reason at all, simply request a refund and we’ll be happy to oblige.

And your guarantee NEVER expires

You can request a refund any time in the future — it could be 6 months from now…a year…there is no limit or expiration.

This way, there’s no pressure…and no risk…when you try Powernox today.

In a few moments, you’ll have the opportunity to reserve your supply.

When the button appears below, click on it and fill out your shipping information on the next page.

Once you do, we’ll begin packing your shipment of Powernox and we’ll rush it your way.

Just a few short days from now, you’ll receive a plain box from USPS.

Carefully packed inside will be your initial supply of Powernox.

I recommend you immediately bring your Powernox supply into your kitchen, open it up…

…and take your tablets with water or the beverage of your choice.

Don’t make any other changes to your life

…because you won’t have to! Without doing anything else, your nitric oxide could go up, your erections could get harder, and you could last longer.

You could even feel the difference in your sex drive. And even see the difference in your waistline.

After several satisfying evenings, when your partner is gushing about how it’s “The best it’s ever been,” you’ll wonder “What would my love life be like now if I didn’t have Powernox?”

And that’s an important question…so I want to make sure you’re never without the power of Powernox.

Because if you stop taking Powernox, there’s a very real chance your nitric oxide and testosterone will go back down…

and your partner will wonder, “What happened? Things were so amazing before…”

I don’t want that – I want your love life to stay red-hot. PERIOD.

So, today, through this special presentation, I’m giving you free access to our Automatic Delivery Service.

That means, whenever you’re about to run out of Powernox, we’ll ship you out a fresh refill and bill the credit card you use today.

In addition, you lock in today’s special low price.

And today,

We’ll even pick up ALL the shipping cost

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Of course, you can cancel or change this service at any time just by calling our friendly, English-speaking team.

No hassle and complete convenience. That’s how we do business.

You take no risk at all. Your satisfaction is ALWAYS guaranteed.

So if you’re ready to increase your nitric oxide

…and have the best, most satisfying sex

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It will take you to our secure reservation page, where you can select your initial supply of Powernox.

Do click the button now. I’ll see you on the other side

For Powernox and Dr. Inglis’ Best Health Nutritionals, I’m Elizabeth Evans.

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