Many seniors get this WRONG!

Could YOU Solve This

“Simple” Brain Teaser?

Below: How this “easy” 12-second puzzle reveals the early symptoms of age-related cognitive decline. PLUS: One doctor's surprising method that helps improve memory and mental performance by 77% [verified in one clinical study]

Many seniors STRUGGLE to solve this brain puzzle.

Those who can – have the sharp, quick mind of a younger person.

But, for those who can’t…

It likely means their brain is slowing down as they age

…and their memory isn’t quite what it used to be.

However, if you struggle with this test, don’t worry…

Because, in this presentation, I’m also going to show you an astonishing breakthrough that one study showed…

Helps improve memory and mental speed by 77% in 1 hour.


This easy solution – which seniors can do from the comfort of their own home…

BOOSTS brain power by 77% in 60 short minutes.

I’ll reveal the full details in just a minute.


Are you ready to see the quiz?

Take a look at this puzzle…

puzzle example

Sure, it might look like a child’s game…

But it’s actually one of the most trusted memory tests ever created.

Scientists use it to measure cognitive performance as we get older.

Specifically, it’s used to measure executive function…

Which is a fancy way of saying it measures our ability to focus, pay attention, and stay sharp as we get older.

And while this puzzle may look simple

Remember: Many seniors have trouble with it.

In just a minute, I’ll explain exactly how it works…

And show YOU how to solve this brain teaser.

First, let me tell you more about the exciting memory-enhancing breakthrough


If clinical studies are any indication, it could finally
be the answer to age-related memory loss

It starts with 42 seniors – who took a test very similar to the one you’re about to see.

And how, thanks to this scientific discovery

They found a way to help “speed up” their memory and mental performance by 77%...

In just 1 hour.

Yes, you heard that right…

In the same time it takes to watch an episode of CSI…

These seniors IMPROVED their mental speed by 77%.

And this wasn’t just some placebo effect.

These men and women were measurably sharper

More quick-witted

And had better, faster memories than before.

But that’s just the beginning…

Because these seniors also improved their ability to focus and pay attention

Boosted their short-term memory…

Strengthened their ability to learn new skills…

They even made far fewer mistakes when performing certain tasks

Meaning, they were able to remember much more information than before the study…

Again, after just 60 minutes.

In this presentation, I’m going to show you exactly how they did it.

No, it doesn’t require a prescription…

And you don’t have to make an appointment with your doctor.

Instead, this breakthrough is unlike anything you’ve ever tried before.

That’s because it addresses a surprising “hidden” cause of an aging brain.

Simply put, it exposes a little-known connection between your heart and your brain…

…that explains why NO ONE has been able to find an answer for age-related memory loss…

…until now.

This breakthrough helps “connect” those two vital organs…

Delivering a surge of natural energy into your brain.

The end result?

Your brain could grow sharperquickerSTRONGER than before.

And, please, let me be clear…

If you’re thinking more about your memory as you age…

If those “senior moments” are becoming more frequent…

If you sometimes feel like you’re walking around in a fog

Or if you have a loved one – maybe your spouse or one of your parents – who’s concerned about their memory…

This may be the most important message you ever hear.

Because it’ll give you a glimpse into an exciting new future.

A future where getting older doesn’t mean getting slower…

A future where you’re not constantly looking for your phone, wallet, or keys…

A future where you remember all your Internet passwords with ease…

And you can recall names, dates, and birthdays...

Even your entire grocery list…

Faster than you ever thought possible.

And, perhaps most importantly, a future where you stay in control of your mental faculties and no one ever has to think twice about you.

Alan Inglis MD

My name, by the way, is Dr. Alan Inglis, MD.

Alan Inglis MD

I’ve been a medical doctor for more than 20 years.

I’ve studied alongside top MDs at top universities and hospitals…

Like Harvard, The Cleveland Clinic, and Columbia University to name a few.

I’ve even earned the nickname “The Cure Hunter” from my peers…

Due to my obsession with finding the root cause of health problems – and how to solve them.

But there’s something else you should know about me…

I’m no spring chicken.

In fact, I turned 68 earlier this year.

So, as a senior myself, I know how it feels when your memory isn’t as sharp as it used to be.

It starts with something small…

Like losing that word on the tip of your tongue

Drifting off in the middle of a story.

Or walking into a room and forgetting why you’re there.

Soon, those lapses start happening more often

You walk out to the car and forget your keys on the kitchen counter…

Or, when you reach into your pocket to pay for something, you realize you left your wallet at home.

At first, these “senior moments” can be embarrassing.

However, when you start forgetting the names of people you just met

Or walk out to your car only to remember you left your keys inside

Or you wander into a room and forget why you’re there

It’s easy to think this is just how things will be from now on.

Yet, if you listen to your doctor – or the mainstream media – you’ve probably heard it’s just a normal part of getting older.

But I’m here to tell you…

That’s not true.

Thanks to this scientific discovery…

We now know your memory can actually
get STRONGER as you get older

This is a monumental breakthrough.

Because it means you don’t have to give up and watch as your memory gets slower… and slower.

Instead, if you simply follow the instructions inside this presentation…

You too can “speed up” your brain and get back that razor-sharp memory from your younger years…

Just like the 42 men and women from the study.

Can you imagine how that will feel?

You could have no trouble remembering names, birthdays, and appointments – without setting reminders on your phone…

Or finishing the Sunday crossword – without help from your wife or kids…

Feeling smart and quick-witted – the life of your family parties again…

And remember the people in the study saw results in just 1 hour.

If this sounds like it’s too good to be true, let me assure you… it’s not.

And I’m going to show you the undeniable scientific evidence right now.

Then, you’ll have a chance to review the simple “brain teaser” you saw a moment ago.


Here goes…

The story starts on the morning of November 30, 2015…

When 42 men and women walked into the Brain, Performance, and Nutrition Research Center in Newcastle, England.

They were part of a unique clinical study investigating a unique, memory-boosting compound.

Little did they know they were on the verge of one of the most important scientific discoveries in history.

Here’s what happened…

Participants arrived at the research facility at 8:30 AM.

As soon as they settled in, they took several memory tests…

Collectively known as the computerized mental performance assessment system (or COMPAS).

Including the test you saw a moment ago.

Researchers recorded their results – so they could see how these men and women performed before taking anything.

Then, the study participants were given a small dose of a natural compound called WGOE.

They waited for an hour…

And took the same tests again…

After just 1 hour on the very first day, subjects saw a dramatic improvement in their memory.

Just how much better did they perform?

Well, as the researchers noted in their published report…

People taking WGOE saw an incredible 77% improvement in their speed of performance on ALL TASKS.

graph showing improvement in speed of performance

Meaning, on average, answers came to them 77% more quickly than they did before the study.

Can you imagine sharpening your memory by 77%?

That’s like taking an old, slow computer…

And “replacing” it with one that’s brand new – and working in tip top shape.

Again, people in the study experienced those results just 60 minutes after their first dose

on the very first day.

It’s hard to state just how BIG this is.

Could WGOE be the miracle you’ve been waiting for?

If this study is any indication, the answer is a resounding yes.

But we’re just getting started…

Because the study participants experienced some additional results that shocked even the most optimistic researchers.

You see…

People taking WGOE also performed better
on tests measuring long-term memory

Including a type of long-term memory called episodic memory.

Episodic memory in general includes the memories from when you were younger.

Like when you attended summer camp for the first time…

The first time you drove stick…

The first date with your spouse…

Or where you went on your honeymoon.

To start, the subjects were tested on delayed word recall and picture recognition over 6 weeks.

Volunteers were shown a list of 15 random words all in a row. Like this…

Then, they took a 60 second break.

list of random words

After a full minute, they were asked to repeat all 15 words again.

How many words do you think you could remember?

5? Maybe 10?

Well, at the beginning of the study, participants – on average – made 22 mistakes.

Now, you might want to make sure you’re sitting down for this…

Because 1 hour after taking WGOE… let me tell you… that number dropped to 1.

Yes, just 1 error.

That’s a 94% improvement.


That’s nearly DOUBLE what it was before the study.

How would you feel getting those results yourself?

Imagine taking a dose of this natural compound…

And – just 60 minutes later – feeling your brain “snap into action” as you’re suddenly more alert and mentally awake.

Imagine, easily hopping from task to task
without losing your train of thought…

Working from a “mental list” rather than writing everything down…

Remembering your Internet passwords without leaving post-it notes all over your computer…

Instantly recalling the name of that actress in the old-time movie you’re watching…

Or picturing the first dance with your spouse at your wedding…

Or what about the first time you attended sleepaway camp?

How will it feel when those old, cherished memories coming rushing back?

And your brain feels like it’s younger… sharper… and quicker than it has in years.

Friend, that’s how powerful the WGOE compound is.

By now, you might be thinking…

Why haven’t I heard of this study before?

And why hasn’t my doctor told me about WGOE?

Well, if you’re familiar with how our corrupt medical system works, the answer may not surprise you…

You see, WGOE isn’t a drug.

It’s a 100% natural extract that comes from a special type of wild oat.

And because it’s completely natural, the big pharmaceutical companies can’t patent it.

That means they can’t mark it up and sell it to you for hundreds of dollars.

Instead, WGOE costs just pennies per dose.

But I’m not in it to make money…

In fact, I recently QUIT my medical practice to venture out and help everyday Americans like you.

Which is why – in just a minute – I’ll show you how to get the EXACT form of WGOE used in the study

In the exact same dose.

So YOU can expect the same memory-boosting results for yourself.

First, however, it’s time to see how the brain puzzle works

Are you ready?

Here’s a picture of the puzzle again.

puzzle example

And here’s how it works…

The goal is to arrange the pegs at the bottom of the picture…

So they match the arrangement at the top of the picture…

And do it in as few moves as possible.

So, you want to move the red peg all the way to the left.

The blue peg to the middle.

And the green peg to the right.

Ready to see the answer?

Here goes…

puzzle example

Don’t feel bad if you couldn’t figure it out.

After about age 60, many of us start to have trouble with this kind of test.

It’s normal – but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do about it!

Remember – those 42 people in England ACED a similar test just 1 hour after taking WGOE…

And in the next few minutes, you’ll find out how to take advantage of this breakthrough yourself.

First, let me show you how WGOE works…

Because it’s kind of amazing.

And it starts by addressing the #1 myth we’re told about age-related memory loss:

Brain fog is just a normal part of getting older, right?


It sounds impossible but I’ll show you indisputable evidence in just a second…

You see, for decades, we’ve been told that age-related memory loss is normal.

Our brains are supposed to slow down as we get older.

But consider this…

If that were true – that memory always declines with age – then we’d all be dealing with slow, foggy memories.

Yet I’m sure you can think of someone in their 80s… or even their 90s… who’s still as sharp as ever.

Do you know anyone like that?

Well, if you ask me, it’s clear as day…

Memory loss CAN’T only be caused by old age!

There MUST be something else going on.

And breakthrough science has finally found the answer.

Let me show you now...

Have you ever heard of neurons?

Neurons are tiny cells inside your brain.

Neurons are responsible for forming
new memories, remembering old ones,
and even learning new skills

And, although the cells are tiny, they require A TON of oxygen to survive.

How much oxygen?

Well, studies estimate that despite only accounting for about 2% of your body’s weight, the brain uses 20% of its oxygen.

That’s 10X more oxygen than you’d expect.

And it’s more than any other part of your body.

Without oxygen, neurons can’t function the way they’re supposed to.

And when that happens… POOF… your memory can slow down.

Now, you might be thinking…

How does your brain get all that oxygen?

Well, unfortunately, your brain can’t create oxygen on its own.

Instead, it relies on a constant stream of blood flow.

Let me explain…

Every time your heart beats, it pumps blood into your arteries and throughout your body.

With it, blood carries oxygen and vital nutrients to all the cells in your body.

The neurons in your brain use that oxygen as “food” to survive and grow.

In other words, neurons NEED oxygen in order to help your brain store old memories and create new ones.

However, as we get older, blood flow starts to decline.


Well, recent studies show that as we get older… our blood vessels become more narrow.

That means your heart has to work even harder to pump blood to all your vital organs…

…including your brain.

Think of it like this…

Have you ever tried breathing through a straw?

It’s difficult. You have to work twice as hard to get the same, normal breath.

But now, what if you replaced the straw with a wider tube? Say, a hose…

It’d be a heck of a lot easier to draw a breath.

Well, believe it or not, the same thing happens when your arteries become narrow as you age.

That results in less blood getting into the brain…

Which means those neurons can’t get the oxygen they need to thrive.


When neurons start to slow down,
your brain soon follows

And you feel tired and foggy – almost like your head is filled with cotton candy.

Now I know, that’s a lot to take in.

And you might still be skeptical.

But listen to this…

A study published in the health journal Circulation showed that the people whose hearts pumped the least amount of blood…

…showed 2 more years of brain aging than those with healthier blood flow.

Yes, their brains were 2 years older than people with the healthiest blood flow.

It’s no wonder your brain feels tired and foggy!

It’s all because your brain may not be getting enough of the oxygen it needs…

Because your heart isn’t pumping blood as efficiently as it used to.

But here’s the good news…

And the reason why WGOE is such a godsend.


A second study showed WGOE can
boost blood flow to the brain
by 42% compared to placebo!

Here’s what happened…

The study started with 37 healthy seniors.

At the beginning of the study, researchers measured their cerebral vasodilator responsiveness (or CVR) – which measures how much blood flows into the brain.

Participants were instructed NOT to change their daily exercise or dietary habits.

Then, they were given 1,500 mg of WGOE every day for 12 weeks.

And, after 12 weeks, researchers measured CVR again.

And subjects saw a SIGNIFICANT improvement in CVR.

Compared to placebo, their CVR increased by 42%.

graph showing increase in CRV

Meaning, they experienced almost 50% MORE BLOOD FLOW into the brain.

Remember: more blood flow means more oxygen gets into the brain.

More oxygen means neurons stay young and healthy.

Which means your memory goes from foggy and tired…

To sharp as a brass tack – just like it used to be.

Imagine taking WGOE and getting these results yourself…


Next Saturday morning, you roll out of bed.

At first, you feel a little foggy.

Nothing out of the usual, your brain just isn’t “awake” yet.

You head to the bathroom and brush your teeth.

When you’re done, you take a bit of the new WGOE compound.

It’s easy to take… just two tiny pills with water.

Then, you head downstairs for breakfast.

At first, everything feels normal…

You read the paper and maybe flip on Fox News.

But as you dive into the crossword puzzle, you start to feel different...

Almost like your brain has suddenly been turned into hyper drive.

You find yourself answering every question in seconds…

With every clue coming to you – almost like magic.

But that’s just the start…

As your day goes on, you notice you feel sharper
more quick-witted… than you did before

You remember entire segments from the news.

Or maybe your wife sends you to the grocery store…

And you SHOCK her when you come home with every item on her list – without writing a single thing down.

“It’s all thanks to the new WGOE pill I’ve been taking,” you tell her.

And, suddenly, you realize that a new door has opened for you…

Your brain feels so much stronger.

You’re recalling names, addresses, appointments, birthdays… like your own personal rolodex.

It feels like a fog has been lifted from your brain…

And suddenly it’s humming along like a finely tuned Shelby Cobra.

That’s when you realize a whole new world has been opened to you.

So, let me ask…

What’s the first thing you’ll do with your newfound brilliance?

Have you ever wanted to learn guitar? Go ahead…

Want to take a class at the local college? Imagine how fun it will feel to start learning again.

senior couple sitting on the sofa looking at a tablet computer

Or simply test your “steel trap” mind with some trivia... a sudoku puzzle… or by watching your favorite game show.

Friend, I can’t wait for you to experience the life-changing power of WGOE.

However, before you rush to the health store and search for your supply…

There’s one thing you should know.

The studies I mentioned a moment ago used a specific dose of WGOE.

In fact, the first study – the one where seniors ACED memory tests after just 1 hour – showed that one dose works significantly better than another.

Not everyone knows this…

And, unless you use the correct dose, you can’t expect to get the same results as the people in the study.

So, how do you find the right kind of WGOE –
in the right dose?

That’s where I come in…

You see, since I retired from running my personal clinic…

I’ve been working as the Chief Medical Advisor for a small, family-owned company called BestHealth Nutritionals.

Over the past 12 months, my team and I have been working to develop a nutritional formula that brings together everything you need to help support and improve your memory.

Including the exact form and dosage of WGOE – to boost blood flow and help increase mental speed by 77%…

And – as of a few days ago – we reached our goal.

We took 800 mg of WGOE…

…the dose that got the best results in clinical studies…

(yes, even better than the higher 1,500 mg dose that was used in the second study)

…and squeezed it into two tiny pills you can take every morning – with a glass of water or OJ.

So you don’t have to worry about choking down pill after pill…

Yet you can still enjoy crystal clear thinking all day long.

We call this formula CogniFlo™ – and it’s BestHealth Nutritionals’ latest breakthrough.

bottle of CogniFlo

If you’re reading this presentation, it means you’re part of our special “early bird” group.

And, as part of this invitation, you’ll also receive an exclusive gift that no one else will ever see.

However, there’s one catch…

See, this formula is brand new.

This is the first time it’s ever been released to the public.

And that means we’re offering a special introductory offer… the lowest price you’ll ever see.

It also means we’re likely to run out VERY soon.

The last time we released a formula like this, it sold out in just 5 days.

So if you leave this presentation and come back later, our supply could be completely gone.

I’ve reserved up to 6 bottles of CogniFlo in your name.

So if you want to claim your supply…

Including memory-boosting WGOE

I urge you to keep reading.

Your chance to claim up to 6 bottles of CogniFlo is coming in just a minute.

Remember: WGOE addresses what I believe is the #1 cause of an aging brain – slower blood flow.

It boosts brain power by 77% in 1 hour

And helps you feel sharper… quicker… more mentally focused in just 60 minutes.

But if you want to stay sharp as you get older…

Support your brain for years to come…


Stay sharp as a brass tack throughout
your Golden Years…

There’s one more thing you need to know.

Because your brain is being betrayed by a rogue protein inside your body.

Let me explain…

Have you ever heard of beta amyloid?

Amyloid is a protein inside your brain.

Under normal circumstances, these tiny proteins play an important role in keeping your brain healthy.

When you were younger, however…

As soon as amyloid was done doing its job, your brain simply flushed it out.

But, as you get into your 60s and 70s, your body isn’t as good at getting rid of amyloid proteins…

And they start to build up… slowing down your brain and making your memories foggy.

I describe it like this…

Think of your brain like an engine.

When you’re young, and healthy, your brain is working at full speed.

You feel focused, dialed in, and alert… all the time.

Not only that, but if you read a book – or watch a TV show – you can rattle off the plot to your friends and family… without really trying.

However, as you get older, and your body doesn’t clean out amyloid like it used to…

Your brain starts to slow down.

Just like an engine that’s gone too long without an oil change.

See, the same way your car’s engine slows down over the years…

As amyloid starts to build up, it blocks those vital neurons from communicating with each other.

That’s when you lose that word on the tip of your tongue… or you walk into a room and forget why.

Or maybe you can’t “access” old memories.

That’s because, over time, amyloid interferes with your neurons – and they slow down.

As I mentioned earlier, neurons are the tiny brain cells responsible for holding onto memories.

Which is why maintaining healthy amyloid levels is so important.

Yet, for years, scientists haven’t been able to figure out how to keep amyloid healthy as we age.

Until now…

Could the “secret” to balancing amyloid – and maintaining a young, healthy brain come from… GRAPES?!

branch of green grapes

It sounds bizarre, but listen to this…

A group of researchers discovered a compound from a special type of grape with unique, brain-supporting properties.

These grapes originate deep in the Mediterranean…

A region commonly associated with health and longevity.

What makes these grapes so powerful?

It has to do with a certain compound inside of the skin of these grapes.

Specifically, I’m talking about polyphenols.

Polyphenols are compounds found in grapes that can work wonders for your brain.

In fact, research shows that polyphenols counteract brain aging by gently “scrubbing” away amyloid protein.

See, when amyloid enters the brain, it binds to certain receptors.

This blocks neurons from communicating with each other like they used to…

Making your brain feel slow and foggy.

But these grape polyphenols help STOP that process.

They do this by interfering with certain amyloid binding sites – blocking amyloid from building up in the brain.

Think of it like an engine flush…

Polyphenols gently “scrub” amyloid from your
brain so it remains young and sharp as ever

In fact, a recent study showed grape polyphenols could not only keep your brain free from amyloid protein…

But they could actually help improve your memory by 1,145% compared to placebo.


Here’s the evidence…

In October 2017, 11 researchers in Italy conducted a double blind, placebo-controlled study.

To start, they gathered 111 seniors with mild to moderate memory problems.

At the beginning of the study, volunteers took the MMSE evaluation – a set of 12 tests measuring attention, recall, short- and long-term memory.

Then, researchers split the men and women into two groups.

Half received 250 mg of a specific type of grape polyphenol referred to as Mediterranean Grape Extract.

And the other half received a placebo pill.

This continued every day for 3 months.

Then, after 12 weeks, researchers had the volunteers take the MMSE evaluation again.

And the results were shocking

See, before the study, seniors scored an average of 27.21 on the MMSE exam.

But after taking Mediterranean Grape Extract for 12 weeks…

Their scores shot up to 28.50.

That’s a significant 5% increase in their scores.

Now, that might not sound like much.

But when you compare those results to the placebo group – who saw their scores increase just 0.11 points…

People taking Mediterranean Grape Extract
experienced an incredible
1,145% increase in their memory!

That means it’s 10X better than doing nothing at all.

The story gets even better, however, when you dig into the specific results.

Let me ask…

Have you ever met someone and then – just hours later – forgot their name?

Or maybe you forget some of your Internet passwords from time to time?

Well, people in the study took tests that specifically measured their ability to remember that kind of information.

And they scored significantly better after taking Mediterranean Grape Extract.

Imagine being able to remember names, dates, and birthdays – like your mind’s suddenly turned into a steel trap.

Or how about recalling the name of someone you just met.

Imagine the look on their face when you not only remember their name…

…but also the names of their kids, grandkids, and even their pets.

And it gets even better.

People taking Mediterranean Grape Extract also experienced a boost in long-term memory as well…

Imagine recalling some of your fondest memories – clear as day.

Like your honeymoon, your kid’s first birthday party, or the homecoming dance from high school.

It’s all because of Mediterranean Grape Extract.

Remember: People taking a placebo pill saw almost NO improvement.

Yet the people taking Mediterranean Grape Extract saw 10X better results.

Which is why, I recommend Mediterranean Grape Extract to every senior I meet.

And it’s why we included the exact same grape polyphenols in our brand-new formula…


Bottle of CogniFlo Bottle of CogniFlo

It’s packed with the exact same grape polyphenols used in the study – in the exact same form.

To help support healthy amyloid levels

And keep your brain sharp as a brass tack into your 90s.

It also includes a powerful dose of WGOE

Which research shows boosts blood flow by 42%...

And helped increase memory and mental speed by 77% in just 1 hour.

With these two ingredients, you have everything you need to help improve your memory now…

Feel it grow stronger as the days go on…

And keep your wits for all the years to come.

If you’re ready to claim up to 6 bottles of CogniFlo, keep reading

Your chance to claim a personal supply is coming in just a minute.

So stay tuned…

But there’s one more thing I need to tell you before you go…

You see, when I practiced medicine, there was one surprising “connection” I noticed in many of my patients who complained of age-related memory loss.

It’s something that often creeps up in YEARS – sometimes decades – before brain fog.

In fact, this hidden “connection” popped up so often…

I could often predict – to the date – when an older patient would come back complaining of memory loss.

Think you can guess what it is?

I doubt it…


The hidden sign of an aging memory is…
Blood Pressure

Yes, blood pressure.

At first, it seemed like nothing.

But after seeing several hundred patients with the same signs, I realized there had to be something more.

As it turns out, there is…

You see, breakthrough research has just uncovered a shocking connection between your brain… and your heart.

Let me explain…

Do you remember how “senior moments” start with low blood flow to the brain?

And how… as we get older… our arteries can become more narrow?

Well the reason that happens in the first place is because of low levels of a certain molecule.

This molecule is called nitric oxide (or NO).

NO is known as a “signaling molecule.”

That means it sends a signal to your blood vessels telling them to “open up”

…so they can help pump blood throughout your body

…including, yes, into your brain.

Here’s how it works…

See, NO is naturally produced by your endothelial cells.

Those are the cells on the inside of your blood vessels that keep them young and healthy.

artistic rendering of a blood vessel

And when NO is released, it signals your arteries to “open up.”

But here’s the problem…

By the time you reach 70, your NO levels decline by 75%.

Here’s what that means…

Imagine, for a second, a 2-lane highway with heavy traffic…

Now imagine all that traffic merging down to 1 single lane.

Can you see how traffic would start to slow down?

Well, that’s exactly like what happens to your arteries when your NO levels are low…

Only, instead of a traffic jam, your heart has to work harder to pump blood throughout your body.

Which is why it’s so important to keep your arteries wide and clear

So your heart can easily pump blood throughout your body… and your blood pressure stays healthy.

That’s why I added one final nutrient to CogniFlo

To help “open up” your arteries


Achieve Near Perfect 123/77 Blood Pressure

Too good to be true?

Not so fast…

A study published in the esteemed medical journal, Metabolism, gathered 27 adults who were concerned about their blood pressure.

At the beginning of the study, these men and women were split into 3 groups.

One group received 150 mg of a patented grape seed extract called MegaNatural®.

Another group received a “double dose” of 300 mg of MegaNatural.

While the 3rd group received a placebo pill.

Think you can guess which group saw the best results?

You might be surprised…

Here’s what happened…

To start, the placebo group saw no significant improvements.

That’s expected, since the placebo pill was designed to do nothing.

But the rest of the results might shock you…

Because the group taking 150 mg of MegaNatural saw incredible results.

In fact, they scored even better than the group taking a “double dose.”

Just how good were their results? Listen to this…

At the beginning of the study, these men and women had a blood pressure reading of 134/83.

Which is definitely on the high side.

But after taking 150 mg of MegaNatural for 4 weeks, they saw their blood pressure improve to 123/77.

Yes… near perfect blood pressure!

After just 28 days.


Imagine experiencing these results yourself…

Imagine – 4 weeks from today – strutting into your doctor’s office for your regular check-up with the confidence of a young, spry 30-year-old.

He sits you down on the exam table…

Straps the blood pressure monitor to your arm…

Pumps it a couple times…

And waits.

Imagine the look on his face when he first sees the screen light up with a near perfect 123/77 reading.

He might even take your blood pressure AGAIN just to make sure it’s not a mistake.

doctor reviewing results with patient

Then, when the results are exactly the same on the 2nd reading, he simply looks at you and says…

“Your blood pressure is perfect. I don’t know what you’ve been doing but, whatever it is, keep doing it.”

And imagine the peace of mind you’ll feel…

Knowing your heart health is completely healthy.

But, remember, that’s only ONE of the benefits you get when you reserve your supply of CogniFlo today.

Because you also get full, studied doses of…

The grass oat extract, WGOE, that helps improve memory and mental speed by 77% in 1 hour.

Mediterranean Grape Extract – the polyphenol extract that supports healthy beta amyloid levels and prevents against brain aging

And, finally, MegaNatural – for near perfect 123/77 blood pressure.

With these 3 powerful nutrients, you’ll be
supporting BOTH of your most important organs

And you’ll finally be able to rest easy…

Knowing your brain will stay sharp so you can STOP thinking about those “senior moments”…

While ALSO keeping your heart healthy.

Each dose of CogniFlo is packed with perfect, carefully-measured doses of all 3 nutrients to ensure you get the best results.

And you know what?

Right now is the absolute best time to try CogniFlo.

I mean that.

That’s because this formula is brand new.

This is the first time it’s EVER been available to the public.

And that means you could be one of the first people to experience the life-changing power of this amazing formula.

However… it also means we only have an initial supply that is extremely limited.

And it’s virtually guaranteed to sell out soon.

See, CogniFlo is the first formula of its kind.

In fact, it’s the ONLY formula to include clinically-studied forms of each ingredient. Including…

WGOE – the brain-boosting compound that improved memory and mental speed by 77% in 1 hour…

Mediterranean Grape Extract – to support healthy amyloid protein levels and support your brain…

Along with MegaNatural – for near perfect 123/77 blood pressure...

All packed into 2 tiny pills you can take every evening.

It couldn’t be any easier.

And, thanks to my team here at BestHealth Nutritionals, it couldn’t be any more convenient either.

You see, each batch of CogniFlo is produced in our secure, cGMP-certified facility.

That means it goes through rigorous 3rd party testing to ensure the quality – and safety of each dose.

It also means CogniFlo is produced in small batches.

It’s simply the only way we can test every batch ourselves.

But, unfortunately, that leads to some bad news…

Our supply of CogniFlo is extremely limited

Last time I released a new formula like this, it sold out in 5 days.

So, chances are, if you leave and come back – our supply of CogniFlo could be gone.

And it could take months before we get more in stock.

Which means this could be your only chance to claim a personal supply.

Your chance to stock up on CogniFlo is coming in a minute.

However, there is one catch…

You see, in order to truly help improve your memory…

You have to take CogniFlo every day.

If you stop, so could the results.

Which means those “senior moments” could start happening more frequently…

Your memory could continue to fade as you age…

And I DON’T want that to happen to you.

That’s why I recommend picking up a 6-month supply of CogniFlo today.

So, while you could absolutely notice results the very first time you take it…

Picking up a 6-month supply will ensure you get lasting results.

But you can rest easy knowing your entire purchase is covered by the most generous money back guarantee you’ll ever see.

Here’s the deal…

In just a minute, you’ll see a big, blue “Add to Cart” button appear below this presentation.

When that button appears, click it and head straight to our secure RSVP form.

Then, select a 6-month supply to ensure you get the most savings

And to ensure you always have a bottle of CogniFlo when you need it.

Then, simply enter your information…

…tell me where to send your supply of CogniFlo

…and let our team do the rest.

In a few short days, a package should appear containing your initial supply of CogniFlo.

As soon as it does, here’s what I want you to do…

Open your bottle of CogniFlo and take your first dose.

Remember: It’s 2 small capsules a day.

Then, continue taking CogniFlo every morning…

…and do nothing else.

Soon, you’ll notice your memory feels sharper –
and quicker – than it did before

You’re picking up tidbits of information from newspaper articles to bring up later…

You even start sharing old stories with your spouse – memories you thought were gone for good.

As the weeks go by, your memory gets stronger and stronger

And those “senior moments” start happening less frequently.

Imagine the peace of mind you’ll feel – when your brain feels sharper than before…

Imagine how impressed your spouse will be when you suddenly turn into a Human Almanac

Or what about the look on your grandson’s face when you remember the names of all their friends…

And you can smile knowing all you did was take 2 tiny pills every morning.

In fact, you can even set the timer on your phone for 1 hour.

Because that’s how quickly the people in the study saw results.

And here’s the best part…

If CogniFlo doesn’t work exactly as I’ve promised today…

If you don’t feel more alert and focused after just 1 hour

If you don’t notice your memory improving… that you’re already retaining more information…

And if you don’t feel sharper, more quick-witted, and smarter than you did just days before…

Simply give me a call and I’ll send you a full and courteous refund.

bottle of CogniFlo with satisfaction guarantee seal of approval

It’s all part of my 100% Money Back Guarantee.

And it means you take ZERO risk by trying CogniFlo today.

That’s how confident I am that CogniFlo will work for you.

And there’s no time limit on this Guarantee…

Whether it’s 3 months from now – or 3 years down the road – you can always return your most recent order for a full and courteous refund.

But I think… once you start feeling the memory-boosting benefits of CogniFlo

Asking for a refund will be the last thing on your mind.

Remember: here’s everything you get when you say “yes” and claim 6 bottles of CogniFlo today

You get the full, clinically studied form of WGOE – to help improve memory and mental speed by 77% in 1 hour

Mediterranean Grape Extract – to support your brain…

Along with MegaNatural – for near perfect 123/77 blood pressure...

You’ll finally have everything you need to stay sharp as a brass tack into your 90s.

Simply click the button below now to get started
and reserve your supply of CogniFlo

Friend, the way I see it, you’re at a crossroads

On one hand, there’s option #1. Which is: do nothing.

You could leave this page, forget everything you heard today, and continue living your life in slow motion.

Keep going through your days in a fog

And keep lying awake at night, knowing you had the chance to do something about it and you let it slip away.

That’s why I recommend option #2…

The “done for you” option.

You can get right to the root cause of age-related memory loss… fight it with a safe, natural solution…

And enjoy sharp, crystal clear thinking for the rest of your days.

Friend, the choice is yours…

All you have to do is click the button below now and tell me where to send your bottle of CogniFlo.

Remember: Here’s everything you get when you say “Yes!” to trying CogniFlo today…

The full, clinically studied dose of WGOE – to help improve memory and mental speed by 77% in 1 hour

Mediterranean Grape Extract – to support your brain…

Along with MegaNatural – for near perfect 123/77 blood pressure...

All backed by my 100% Money-Back Guaranteeso you take ZERO risk at all.

Just click the button below now and I’ll see you on the next page.

For BestHealth Nutritionals and CogniFlo, I’m Dr. Alan Inglis. Thanks for joining me today.

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